Saturday, 26 September 2009

Superstar DJ's: Living The Dream

A glimpse into the wild and debauched lifestyle of modern day vinyl monkeys:

Truly "off the hook".

The only person who seemed to enjoy the DJ's efforts was the child, apparently caked on high-grade MDMA and who appears totally unexpectedly and with the swagger of a seasoned disco biscuit conniseur, mid-gig. Mincing through the dry ice like an eager young male hairdresser.

If you look closely enough you can actually see the gathering brood of Dads, standing behind this little junkie as he spews forth his soul in a chemically induced trance-jive, taking bets on whether he'll grow up to "bat for the other side".....

Also, keep an eye out for the Half Cardigan Wearing Mother / Half Dominatrix Queen Slut @ 0:37.

Truly epic.

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