Thursday, 18 February 2010

Orwellian Shit Storms: A Possibility

What about those of us who read more specialist and obscure books; perhaps aimed at the closely knit niche market of homoerotic-romantic-Brazilian-witchdoctor crime thrillers?

Attaining these sorts of un-Godly reads had proved nigh on impossible for many otherwise proud men.

But now, thanks to the wonders of modern technology, and the super-quick search facilities it commands, those reptilian sewer dwellers, some of whom enjoy passing their scaly fingers over books a little less mainstream than Andy McNab's latest bout of SAS themed self-fellation, can now finally do so without the need to find local dealers hidden away in urine soaked back alleys and disused slaughterhouses.

We can finally have our Freak Kingdom, the way it was always meant to be: unprejudiced and without fear of incrimination by narrow minded locals uninitiated in the beauty of the love that can exist between a hard-drinking tribal shaman cop, and the twelve glistening inches of a horses momentous cock.

And with the complete digitalization of the worlds written words, let’s just hope that nothing gets lost in translation, or the current shit-storm could get very obscene in a worryingly Orwellian fashion.

Sometimes, I scare myself.

From the life-enhancing nature of tehnological advancements, to a One World Government obsessed with Poetic Beastiality....

When will the madness end?

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